Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cherry Blossom Trees

Spring is finally here and the cherry blossoms are sprouting up everywhere, blowing the first of their flowers in our hair. The sun is out and the kids were ready to run in the grass, excited about Easter only a couple weeks away.

This year, we decided to take the trend of dress up and frills to a more casual but yet still beautiful level with these vintage rompers. We felt that although dresses and tulle are perfect for that Sunday Easter Brunch, most of us want to undress and unwind after wards. Nothing beats soft organic cottons and close knit sweaters for this early spring weather. Breathable and breath taking, I loved watching the girls enjoy a friendship together.

Their laughter almost sang in the air, while whispers of wishes echoed in the fields. The three girls embraced their time together with stories of make believe places, imagining the sights they would see. Jenny told them the story of Rapunzel and that if she could live out any princess, it would be her. Hair as long as ribbons that when dropped would unroll and unwind, leaving a trail behind it. The other two girls enjoyed the story and added small details to the tale. Princes, and horses, and far off lands. Off course by the end, They all lived happily ever after.....

Come join us on Bumble Alley where princesses meet princes and live out lives that look like fairy tales.

Prices. Polka-dot Purple Romper. 38.Gray Rain Romper. 38.Floral Fantasy Romper. 38
Pleated Silk Headband. 25. Precious petal Headband. 28.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Headband Heaven

Fresh designs for our Easter Collection mimicked the personality in each of these young ladies.

The Sweet Sarah Headband, is as angelic as she is. Quiet and quaint, you can expect her to gasp at poor manners and yucky black bugs. Price. 28.

The Jenny Drama Bow, stands up to any adventure. Upbeat and ready, you can expect her to be outside climbing trees, digging for bugs, and swimming her little heart out. Price. 20.

Allison is always Rosy Cheeked and Charming. No rose can put its thorn on her day because she believes that life is meant to be lived. Price. 24.

Come join us on Bumble Alley as we celebrate children. And please send a comment of your girl for a chance to be the next inspiration in another special head band, designed especially for her.

Precious Purple

Every year I wait for the lavenders and lilacs to blossom. It seems that even when the rains come in, I am waiting for the trees to sprout. In my day dreams, the rain drops dance on the ground. They whisper a prayer from the heavens, and drench the soil with purpose. A purpose to grow, to live, and to be exactly what they were designed to be.

By the time I had a chance to look through the window, the rains had stopped and my hands held a skirt. A skirt that was as delicate and as gray as the raindrops in my dream. As beautiful, as purposeful, and as precious as the rain.

I saw the trees, drenched and wet, soaking in all of heavens glory. Waiting patiently, growing slowly and embracing balance. I began to see the life in the buds of that tree. Small purple flowers that were as delicate as a young child, nestled comfortably in the grass and watching the world with vibrant eyes with such intensity that they touched hearts.

Come take a walk on Bumble Alley, where we are welcoming spring in shades of gray and lavender. Ready, for Easter Sunday.

Prices: Silk Skirts 45. Velvet Dress 55.
Purple Velvet Tie 20. Gray Vest 50.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perfect Blend

Drake chose to be a little more adventurous. He liked the thrill of new flavors and the idea of surprise. So, for this young man, the strawberry sherbet added a little kick to his lick. Topped off with some sweet vanilla balanced the tart taste to make his choice be the perfect blend.

So, with a lick and a grin they enjoyed the first glimpse of sun that early spring day. They learned about sharing, about caring, and about being neat. Because having fun doesn't always need to be messy and sticky hands have never won hearts.

Come join Bumble Alley as we walk into a place of manners. Where clean, well behaved children hang around ice cream shops.

Prices: Bow tie. 12. Necklace. 15.

Ice Cream Shop

Ice cream shops seem to be a hit at any age. There is always something so exciting about choosing flavors, adding toppings and making decisions on a type of cone. Each and every visit there could be as adventurous or as simple as one would make it.

Perfect for this young pair, who knew what they liked and knew what they wanted.

Allison chose a simple vanilla ice cream. Life around this little girl is already so complicated so she picked something that would never change. Vanilla is vanilla. It is pure, natural, and always delicious. But then again, a little chocolate on a cone never hurt a girl....

Come join Bumble Alley for an ice cream treat, with as many colors in their designs as there are ice cream flavors.

Prices: Grey and Purple top. 35. Shoe clips. 20. Head band. 24.

White & Black

There is something peaceful about things that are in black and white. Things are simple. Things that are uncluttered and placed strategically to serve its purpose. It doesn't need color to be noticed, it has style. It doesn't need texture to grab interest, it has patterns. And it definitely has a way of merging together a gray that doesn't complicate, but enhance.

I love how they can be used on a wedding dress as well as in a Hanes t-shirt. A delicate under garment as well as a dish towel. Very much are they colors that can just as much create drama in one place and peace in another. They are the shades that we go back to again and again because they have proven themselves to be reliable.

Come take a walk with me down Bumble Alley, where life can finally be reliable.

Prices: Tie. 20. Headband. 24. Mini skirt. 18. Belt. 25.
More items from this collection that are ready to be shipped out.

*Please remember that each piece is one of a kind and the items we offer to our first customers. We will not be making any new orders from these collections so please contact us for availability on each item that interests you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory lane

Memories have a way of bringing the old things, new again and I love taking a deep breath in memory lane. Many times I remember moments when I would play as a child, the places we would explore and the friendships that I had. I would stand on this road and look at my life again, connecting to the familiar face of a child that I used to be.

It was an opportunity to make something that could have been. Pieces that we might have wore when I was growing up with my brothers. It was like I couldn't help but imagine feminine flower prints along side the classic warmth of wools.

Now when I walk, I see more then just a familiar face. I see a life style. A place when my dad would teach us to draw, encouraging us in our creativity. I see my mom who looked out for us and always made herself available. I see my secrets whispered in the ears of my sister balanced between building forts with my brother. I see a place that was comfortable to be in and definitely come back to, again and again.

Come take a walk with me down Bumble Alley where great memories are treasured.

Prices: Headband. 25. Floral Shirt. 40.Belt. 30. Vest. 50. Hat. 38. Bow tie. 12

*Please remember that each piece is one of a kind and the items we offer to our first customers. We will not be making any new orders from these collections so please contact us for availability on each item that interests you.

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