Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love is in the Air

Have I ever mentioned that I love Valentine’s Day? It's the day we celebrate and show our loved ones how much we really care about them. Of course, showing our kids, husbands and friends how much we love them should happen on a regular basis, but on February 14th, we have a chance to go all out! With all the balloons, cards and roses at stores, there are many ways to show you care about someone. However, showing your love should go beyond a box of chocolates. Maybe surprise him by wearing his favorite dress, wear your hair the way he likes it, or give him a longer than usual foot massage. Do something that you know the two of you will enjoy.

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, I'm curious how many of you will be wearing red? I never really dressed up for the occasion (well, if you don’t count grade school when we layered Valentine’s Day colors on ourselves). This year, I want to go all out! I purposely went to Target and bought red outfits for my girls and I. When February 14th approaches, we’ll probably look like Santa Claus on Valentine’s Day. But hey, it hits only once a year!

What better way to spend the Day of Love than with the people you love most? For my family, the day will start with breakfast in bed for daddy, going to church dressed in red, grandma and grandpa's house for lunch, and then coming home and watching romantic movies with my husband. Later that evening, we’ll drop our kids off at the babysitters and it’ll be our time. I’ll be wearing a little black dress and a red headband, red lips and red nails. And I'll probably throw a red tie on my husband, just so it looks like he tried. What will you be wearing on Valentine’s Day?

Our new Valentine’s Day creations were inspired by nothing but LOVE! I put all of my favorite materials together to create accessories that will stay in season beyond Feb. 14th. These stunning crimson shades are a total trend for spring/summer 2010. So lets get RED-dy for Valentine’s Day!

For a complete look at our Valentine's Day creations, visit our Facebook page Click here

With Love,


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Cover Model Contest

After much thought and deliberation, a winner for the Bumble Alley Cover Model Contest has been chosen! All of the adorable entries made the decision much more difficult, which caused us to choose 2 winners (a boy and girl), and 2 runners-up.

Boy runner-up: Aiden Chmut

Girl runner-up: Isabella Grace Rouss

Boy WINNER: Aiden Paul Bondarev

Girl WINNER: Erika Summer Kruz

Winners were chosen based on many criteria, including personality projection, facial beauty, overall appeal, location, and wearability of Bumble Alley items. The runners-up will receive a goodie bag from Bumble Alley and the winners will receive a photo shoot to model various Bumble Alley items and will get to take home many one-of-a-kind creations in their goodie bags.

We'd like to thank all of you who took the time to enter your beautiful children. Stay tuned for pictures of these cover models in the coming months on our blog and facebook site. We will be conducting another cover model contest in the summer, so keep snapping pictures of your cuties!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Aqua Brights

As I was organizing my work area recently, I stumbled upon my honeymoon pictures. Its hard to believe that it's been five years since that wonderful cruise. I hope one day we'll go back to the French Polynesia. Our cruise took us to several different islands, but my favorite island by far was Bora Bora.

The colors were absolutely breath taking! The aquas, teals, greens and blues played beautifully together. Although its been five years, I'm confident it looks the same.

My inspiration for my new line was my honeymoon. I tend to think about the tropics most often when seasons change. When it's cold and gloomy outside, wearing something bright and bold makes me feel just that much warmer inside.

I named my new creations according to the most popular French Polynesia names:

Maria Headband~Amanaki Headband ~Faipa Headband ~Kaimi Headband

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Giveaway

Congrats to our Bumble Alley Holiday Giveaway winner Natalie Hisaw! For her purchase in the month of December, she will receive a goodie bag filled with some of these Bumble Alley creations:

Phoebe headband:
Anneliese headband:

Various clips and bobby pins were also included. For more pictures, find them on our Bumble Alley Boutique facebook fan page.

Stay tuned for our next drawing coming soon in which the winner will receive new creations from the upcoming spring line. These giveaways are a way for Bumble Alley to thank all of the fans for their continual support.

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