Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Smell of Spring

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve humbled myself knowing we only get one “true” season: Summer (if even that).The rest of the year combines into one long rainy season. With summer just around the corner, I can't help but realize that the most breathtaking season is about to begin for most of the nation. Of all four seasons year round, my favorite by far is the beautiful spring (that unfortunately we don’t see much of here). When I think of spring, I think of green grass, flowers blooming, cherry blossoms, tulips, pastel colors and sun. However, the Northwestusually brings us clouds, rain, rain and more rain. Our springs aren’t as bright as I wish they were. The sweet smell of spring is muffled by the grey clouds and the wet feeling of rain. So for this approaching season, I have created some Bumble Alley pieces that will stand out and brighten up the dullest days. I'm going to make the most of this season and bring a little cheer to our wardrobes.

Spring Fashion 2010 is all about bold colors and oversized, attention grabbing hair bows and accessories. I've been working on many new ideas and products for the Spring line and I am excited to share some of my new creations with you.

Be well and happy spring,

Monday, February 15, 2010

More Than Just Planning

Growing up, I never really cared for planners or To-Do lists. In the mornings, my brain used to be able to remember the last thing I was thinking about before I went to bed. I always used to be able to know what I came downstairs for. But now, I'm retracing my steps to remind myself: "I'm here to get a pen." Oh boy. Is this what comes with age?

I’ve finally taken it upon myself to go and buy myself a planner. I will be learning how to effectively plan my week so that I get the most out of my weekdays. Hopefully I'll be able to plan when to get my work done in one sitting rather than taking a million breaks to attend my children and husband. In which case I'll be able to spend more time with my family rather than running upstairs to finish a project I accidentally forgot to finish. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to cut dinner short or have my husband feed my girls because I was running behind schedule. For most, this is a practical tool that has worked for many years. Lets hope it works for me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Organized Thoughts

It’s Friday again! Ahhh…Friday. I have really been looking forward to seeing you again. It's usually my favorite day of the week, but thisweek...not so much. Because I know what's just around the corner. I have finally gotten my home and sleep schedule back in order after my girls have been sick this past week. It always amazes me how being out of it for just three days really throws my sleep patterns and my home out of whack. When my kids aren’t feeling good, the last thing on my mind is cleaning. And after this short weekend, I'm preparing to face my biggest project yet: organizing my office/work area. One may wonder: how messy can a 120 sq. ft. room get? With fabrics, thread, toys, books, furniture, etc. in every square inch of the room, it can get pretty darn messy.

First, I have to get my thoughts in order and decide what I really want this space to look like. I want to be able to work easily and smoothly and feel comfortable in my chair. That reminds me: I have to get a comfy chair. I also want to feel like I'm not cramped among so much stuff because my work room is so small. One thing I'm going to keep in mind this weekend as I am shopping for storage bins and shelves are these pictures that I came across surfing the web one day. Motivation is key during this process. And once I accomplish my goal, I'll have one less room to de-clutter this spring:) Any ideas for how to make my messy work room more manageable?
This is what I need!! A wall of shelves....

So fresh and so clean...ooh yeah!

I own a ribbon rack, but the ribbons tend to find their way to the ground by the end of the day. I need something like this.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bumble Alley Cover Models

Bumble Alley Boutique Photoshoot January 2010

Our first Bumble Alley Cover Model Photoshoot was a success! Olga Kruz, mother of our girl winner Erika hosted the photoshoot in her home, and it was so much fun! Aiden and Erika were definitely troopers. They did a great job! Our photographer Dina Chmut did a fantastic job capturing the smiles and poses of our little models. Thank you to all who helped make this photoshoot come together so smoothly. Now I can’t wait for our upcoming summer photoshoot! Don’t forget to check out our new creations modeled by the contest winners in our new Glamour line of Bumble Alley Couture.

Their little smiles and giggles didn't come that easily towards the end of the shoot. We bribed them with lolly pops and cheese puffs. It worked!

For a complete look at our photoshoot, check out our facebook page


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