Monday, December 28, 2009

Dream BIG

I've always thought that the more accessories I wear, the more it looks like I'm trying too hard. For that reason and another, I stopped wearing them all together. I'm sure all you mothers can relate, when you have a little child whose hands are really busy, it's hard to wear something around your neck or in your ears. I've been through many necklaces and sore earlobes to learn never to wear accessories around babies.

At this point in life, my little girl is now not a baby anymore and I'm quite sure she wouldn't try to tear my earrings out if I were holding her. So I'm on the road back to wearing accessories! I want to start incorporating accessories of many kinds back into my wardrobe, and I'm starting BIG!

If I wear one large piece of a certain accessory, whether it be a necklace, hairpiece, ring, earrings, etc. I want to feel like I'm not overdoing it. Therefore I wear one statement piece and support it with minimal muted accessories to let it shine. This goes for little children as well. Layering accessories on children often looks cluttered, but a super cute necklace is a fun way for a child to make a statement at a young age.

I hope many of you ladies will join me in dreaming BIG in this upcoming year!

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