Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bumble Alley Cover Models

Bumble Alley Boutique Photoshoot January 2010

Our first Bumble Alley Cover Model Photoshoot was a success! Olga Kruz, mother of our girl winner Erika hosted the photoshoot in her home, and it was so much fun! Aiden and Erika were definitely troopers. They did a great job! Our photographer Dina Chmut did a fantastic job capturing the smiles and poses of our little models. Thank you to all who helped make this photoshoot come together so smoothly. Now I can’t wait for our upcoming summer photoshoot! Don’t forget to check out our new creations modeled by the contest winners in our new Glamour line of Bumble Alley Couture.

Their little smiles and giggles didn't come that easily towards the end of the shoot. We bribed them with lolly pops and cheese puffs. It worked!

For a complete look at our photoshoot, check out our facebook page


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