Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Headband Heaven

Fresh designs for our Easter Collection mimicked the personality in each of these young ladies.

The Sweet Sarah Headband, is as angelic as she is. Quiet and quaint, you can expect her to gasp at poor manners and yucky black bugs. Price. 28.

The Jenny Drama Bow, stands up to any adventure. Upbeat and ready, you can expect her to be outside climbing trees, digging for bugs, and swimming her little heart out. Price. 20.

Allison is always Rosy Cheeked and Charming. No rose can put its thorn on her day because she believes that life is meant to be lived. Price. 24.

Come join us on Bumble Alley as we celebrate children. And please send a comment of your girl for a chance to be the next inspiration in another special head band, designed especially for her.

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