Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Precious Purple

Every year I wait for the lavenders and lilacs to blossom. It seems that even when the rains come in, I am waiting for the trees to sprout. In my day dreams, the rain drops dance on the ground. They whisper a prayer from the heavens, and drench the soil with purpose. A purpose to grow, to live, and to be exactly what they were designed to be.

By the time I had a chance to look through the window, the rains had stopped and my hands held a skirt. A skirt that was as delicate and as gray as the raindrops in my dream. As beautiful, as purposeful, and as precious as the rain.

I saw the trees, drenched and wet, soaking in all of heavens glory. Waiting patiently, growing slowly and embracing balance. I began to see the life in the buds of that tree. Small purple flowers that were as delicate as a young child, nestled comfortably in the grass and watching the world with vibrant eyes with such intensity that they touched hearts.

Come take a walk on Bumble Alley, where we are welcoming spring in shades of gray and lavender. Ready, for Easter Sunday.

Prices: Silk Skirts 45. Velvet Dress 55.
Purple Velvet Tie 20. Gray Vest 50.

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