Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ice Cream Shop

Ice cream shops seem to be a hit at any age. There is always something so exciting about choosing flavors, adding toppings and making decisions on a type of cone. Each and every visit there could be as adventurous or as simple as one would make it.

Perfect for this young pair, who knew what they liked and knew what they wanted.

Allison chose a simple vanilla ice cream. Life around this little girl is already so complicated so she picked something that would never change. Vanilla is vanilla. It is pure, natural, and always delicious. But then again, a little chocolate on a cone never hurt a girl....

Come join Bumble Alley for an ice cream treat, with as many colors in their designs as there are ice cream flavors.

Prices: Grey and Purple top. 35. Shoe clips. 20. Head band. 24.

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