Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory lane

Memories have a way of bringing the old things, new again and I love taking a deep breath in memory lane. Many times I remember moments when I would play as a child, the places we would explore and the friendships that I had. I would stand on this road and look at my life again, connecting to the familiar face of a child that I used to be.

It was an opportunity to make something that could have been. Pieces that we might have wore when I was growing up with my brothers. It was like I couldn't help but imagine feminine flower prints along side the classic warmth of wools.

Now when I walk, I see more then just a familiar face. I see a life style. A place when my dad would teach us to draw, encouraging us in our creativity. I see my mom who looked out for us and always made herself available. I see my secrets whispered in the ears of my sister balanced between building forts with my brother. I see a place that was comfortable to be in and definitely come back to, again and again.

Come take a walk with me down Bumble Alley where great memories are treasured.

Prices: Headband. 25. Floral Shirt. 40.Belt. 30. Vest. 50. Hat. 38. Bow tie. 12

*Please remember that each piece is one of a kind and the items we offer to our first customers. We will not be making any new orders from these collections so please contact us for availability on each item that interests you.

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