Monday, March 28, 2011

Timeless love

Bandana Bib.15. Scalloped Necklace(s).18.
Headband.20. Skirt.26. Shoe clips.20.

More items from this collection that are ready to be shipped out.

Today there are girls who shop at Anthropology, they look for timeless pieces as well as one of a kind looks. They want to express their personality through the clothes that they wear and the accessories that they put on. They are open to today but also embrace the traditional, they expect to be treated nothing less then the ladies they are. Doors that are opened, seats that are offered, and dates that are paid for. Because she wants a boy with a pure intent, one that will become a man with character.

Him, on the other hand, is a guy that moves forward. He has no purpose in looking back but always being a part of. Because he wants to innovate, he wants to improve, and he wants to be there for all that is coming. He is a boy that is intrigued by the modern world and all of the innovations for a life that is easier. Even though he knows that moving ahead doesn't mean you need to lose out to who you were raised to be. This is a boy that was raised to open doors, offer seats, and always pay for dates. He is the one who believes in the traditional ways but takes on all the modern adventures as well.

And so, these two meet. And even though he is a little short for her, he had her at "McQueen".

Come take a walk on Bumble alley, a place where Vintage girls meet Modern boys.

*Please remember that each piece is one of a kind and the items we offer to our first customers. We will not be making any new orders from these collections so please contact us for availability on each item that interests you.

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  1. I love your photography,it's absoluelty flawless and makes your pieces stand out so much. Keep it up!


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