Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White & Black

There is something peaceful about things that are in black and white. Things are simple. Things that are uncluttered and placed strategically to serve its purpose. It doesn't need color to be noticed, it has style. It doesn't need texture to grab interest, it has patterns. And it definitely has a way of merging together a gray that doesn't complicate, but enhance.

I love how they can be used on a wedding dress as well as in a Hanes t-shirt. A delicate under garment as well as a dish towel. Very much are they colors that can just as much create drama in one place and peace in another. They are the shades that we go back to again and again because they have proven themselves to be reliable.

Come take a walk with me down Bumble Alley, where life can finally be reliable.

Prices: Tie. 20. Headband. 24. Mini skirt. 18. Belt. 25.
More items from this collection that are ready to be shipped out.

*Please remember that each piece is one of a kind and the items we offer to our first customers. We will not be making any new orders from these collections so please contact us for availability on each item that interests you.

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