Monday, March 28, 2011

Yellow Daffodils

More items from this collection that are ready to be shipped out.

A simple daffodil inspired my heart. The clear water in the vintage vase brought a smile to my face each time I stole a glance. I could almost see the vase standing on a kitchen counter years ago by another house wife. With children running in the yard, laundry dancing in the breeze, and a women sitting by her sewing machine.

The more I looked upon the flowers, the more I related to this idea. The simple joy of making beautiful, one of a kind pieces for children was important to me. I felt that as I sat there and imagined her life, the more I believed that she and I were similar.

If she were like me, she would take her time with each piece. She would think about the child wearing it and then imagine the places that they would wear them to. She would smile, and remember that each child was as beautiful, as precious, and as unique as the very moment that they lived in.

So, she would sew. She would pray a prayer for each and then ever so carefully place each item on each child. And ever so gracefully, bless them and their sweet little hearts. Because see, she believed that every thing she made, she had the opportunity to bless the very work of her hand. She had the unique ability to pour prayers into the very fabric of their lives.

Words of love, innocence, truth, and laughter. Words that will stand up to the world around them and be more powerful then all the bitterness and hate. The jealousy and pride. The hurt and the lies. Prayers to a God that cares more about children then she ever could. Just knowing that, takes my breath away.

Now you have a chance to be part of a life on Bumble Alley.

Head band. 20. Shoe clips. 20.Cardigan.58. Girl's Belt. 20.Boy's Tie. 25. Suspenders. 25.

Please remember that each piece is one of a kind and the items we offer are first come first serve. We will not be making any new orders from these collections. Please contact us for availability on each item that interests you.

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  1. Wow girl! You are so talented. I love every piece of item on those adorable kids. Its all just too cute! God Bless



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